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Hello, Read My Story, About Me and why I am a Life Coach & Business Mentor

                     I AM A LIFE COACH & BUSINESS MENTOR based in Northamptonshire (UK) helping clients to make positive lifestyle changes and enabling them to define, plan and achieve their goals whether they be business, career, fitness, or lifestyle focused. 

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About Me

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I am a natural STRATEGIST. For anyone familiar with MBTI, I’m an INTJ (also known as the Mastermind). I am naturally goal orientated, and highly experienced in planning how to achieve goals. Throughout my ‘first career’ I worked for various national and international fashion brands/retailers. All of my roles saw me accountable for creating strategies and delivering multi-million pound profit budgets. In my personal life I always have to give myself goals or I somehow just don’t feel myself. In all my roles I led, supported and developed my teams to deliver high performance and progress both personally and professionally. I am always complimented with being an excellent listener and am naturally inquisitive meaning that I really seek to understand my clients’ situations, thoughts, feelings and needs thoroughly. I am not judgemental and I encourage my clients to remember that everyone is different, everyone’s situation is different and there is no right or wrong. Our aim is to uncover what is right for you. I believe that anyone can be what they want to be, achieve what they want to achieve and my mission is to help others realise their potential by challenging them in a supportive and caring way.

My Beliefs

I believe that if you’re not happy with a particular aspect of your life (or all of it!) then you can change it. It isn’t always easy, but then nothing in life worth having is easy. However, there are ways to successfully achieve even the hardest of goals and I can help you with that. I believe in moderation and the 80/20 rule. We’re here to live a life that’s happy, not constantly restrictive. I believe in simplifying life as much as possible. Today’s world is often overwhelming; expectations and demands are high, whether placed on us by ourselves or others. The online environment can hinder as much as help with social media often leading to, or heightening, pre-existing anxieties.

Making a Difference

During the 15 years of my 'first career' I learnt a lot and it set me up to be in the position I am now. I did however start to become increasingly disillusioned with the fact that my role and the businesses that I worked for weren’t adding anything to society; I wasn’t helping anyone or making the world a better place. I was just adding to the consumer society in which we live and that really started to be a problem for me. After 10 years of working within the fast-paced, demanding corporate environment I suffered from work related stress, anxiety and depression. Through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) I was able to return to work and after a while, start functioning ‘normally’ again. In the last 4 years I have overcome significant emotional trauma, changed my career and run my first marathon. My life is now focused on using my experience to help others. That is my contribution.

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