"When I was feeling frustrated about how to progress and move forward in my career, I came to Hannah looking for some practical next steps. Hannah helped me think more creatively and enabled me to adopt a more innovative approach to my work. We worked together to identify some strategic objectives that within 6 months, saw me promoted into my desired position at work. During my coaching Hannah also helped me to develop new skills, including influencing people and managing stress, and I’ve come away from my time with Hannah feeling like I have received more than I originally asked for. In addition, my interactions with her felt engaging, warm and friendly. I really looked forward to our sessions, and Hannah made me feel like she genuinely cared about my development."

Miss. F. Pearce, Bristol

During our initial consultation I will ask you questions in order to gain an overall understanding of what you wish to achieve through working with me. If at this stage I feel that you require more specialist help (e.g. Counselling or Therapy) then I will make this clear and if possible offer an onward referral. It is important that after our initial consultation we both feel that we can work together.  


We will then agree a schedule of regular sessions taking place either via phone or Zoom/Skype. I recommend either weekly or fortnightly sessions depending on your goals and how much support you feel you will need.


In our first session we will establish what your goals are and agree a time-frame by which you will aim to achieve them. We will break the goal(s) down, agreeing a phased approach for you to complete each individual step/milestone. You will go away from each session with tools and techniques to achieve what has been agreed. During each session we will review your progress since the previous session and against the overall plan. 


All information shared with me is confidential.

My Commitment to You